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Flooring Solutions Philadelphia - Applying an Epoxy Primer is Essential

Resin-based floorings have proven to be beneficial in a variety of buildings, both residential and commercial. Yet, adequate preparation and a high-quality product are essential for a flawless and long-lasting finish. Because of the above, your Flooring Solutions Philadelphia will recommend you use a primer for various reasons. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of an epoxy primer!

What are the benefits of using an epoxy primer?

To get the epoxy coating to bond.
To make an absorbent and porous sub-layer
In order to keep dirt from adhering to the epoxy
To save money for future maintenance.

To get the epoxy coating to bond: First-time epoxy coating users often skip the primer in the hopes of saving money, but this should not be the case. The primer is critical to the long-term durability of resin-based goods. The primer offers a framework for the subsequent coats to adhere upon. As a result, you can anticipate a higher-quality finish that will endure a long time. This is especially crucial for substrates like steel, tile, concrete, and other flat surfaces where regular paint would not adhere well. You can expect a repainting job if you do not use a primer.

To make an absorbent and porous sub-layer: Flooring Solutions Philadelphia PA states that the ability of a primer to fill in porous substrates like bare cement makes it an excellent epoxy adhesive surface. Because you only need the bare minimum of layers, you save time and effort by not applying multiple coats of resin-based products.

As a result, the epoxy coating will stay put, and you will be able to prevent it from being absorbed into the substrate over time.

In order to keep dirt from adhering to the epoxy: Surface preparation tasks such as sanding, grinding, and more are recommended before applying an epoxy product to floors. While an industrial vacuum will collect the majority of dust and dirt, some micro-dust will remain on the surface. The primer helps protect the subsequent layers from microscopic dust that could ruin the finish by creating an enclosed shield between the floor and the epoxy coating. Just keep in mind that you should eliminate as many pollutants as possible throughout the surface preparation procedure, Epoxy Flooring Philadelphia points out.

To save money for future maintenance: You can expect your epoxy coatings to meet your needs for a long time if you start with a suitable foundation, whether to withstand chemicals, provide a barrier against bacteria, or give anti-slip features. Primers lessen the danger of future damage by providing a smooth surface on which epoxy coatings can bond. Furthermore, using a primer will give you a better understanding of the actual condition of the floors. You will tell if you need to address moisture and grease issues by looking at how the substrate reacts to this product. This knowledge may assist you in determining the following action to take before applying an epoxy finish.

Pointers To Remember

Flooring Solutions Philadelphia advises that when it comes to surface preparation for epoxy coatings, may you not overlook the necessity of epoxy primer. You can ensure the successful application of this resin-based product by enhancing adhesion, decreasing absorption, and preventing microdust from sticking. You will save money on costly repairs for an extended period if you choose a durable flooring option.

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